Best Barbershop Treatment At A Salon, East Orlando

At 24k Beauty Bar, we’ve become committed to reinventing the barbershop experience to suit modern men’s needs. You will experience the best barbershop treatment at a salon, East Orlando. A hand-crafted haircut in our semi-private stations will shift the approach to your everyday grooming routine. Once you leave our modern barbershop salon, we know that you will be given the feeling of change. In a way that can be explained in just three words: You’re the Man.

Gentleman’s Grooming Done Right

Here at 24k Beauty Bar, the professional stylists and barbers offer more than perfect men’s haircuts. They also give excellent advice on men’s appearance, patterns, and products for grooming. Your first visit to our salon includes an introductory appointment during which your stylist will ask a few questions. They will help you decide the best haircut and style for you. Our staff and stylists are well-educated. They supply our customers with advice, tips, and ideas for their hair care and grooming conundrums.

The barbershop’s success for men has flowed across history, as social patterns shift. Today, as people are becoming more involved in their looks and general well-being, the barbershop has transformed from the daily grind into an oasis. A place where guests can celebrate their manhood while treating themselves to the self-care and downtime they need to alleviate the tension of everyday life. At 24k Beauty Bar, we value ourselves on being “not your grandfather’s barbershop.” Instead, we aspire to take in the most cherished elements of the conventional barbershop and update them to suit the new man’s wants and expectations.

History of the Traditional Barbershop for Men

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During the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century, barbershops in the U.S. celebrated a golden age. During which people would visit them on a weekly — and often daily— haircut and shave basis, as well as the chance to socialize with their fellow companions. Barbershops were regarded as trendy, masculine and welcoming destinations. Which were also central to their societies ‘ sociopolitical structure.

However, several causes started to predict the demise of the conventional barbershop. These included the widespread promotion of razors that people could use to comfortably shave at home, the Great Depression. The long hair and unkempt look synonymous with the 1960s and’ 70s hippie movement and most recently, the advent of the unisex salon.

The Modern Barbershop for Men and the 24k Beauty Bar Experience

The men’s barbershop has once again gained attention in recent years. But with a renewed emphasis on encouraging general health and the perfectly groomed look that many urban people are looking for. Our team at 24k Beauty Bar aims to create an atmosphere in which our customers can relax, socialize and simply “be guys”, as their male counterparts have done over the decades at barbershops.

To update and enhance the barbershop and salon experience, we offer many following benefits.​ Between jobs, family stresses through non-stop news and social media, day-to-day life in the 21st century can be hectic. 24k Beauty Bar helps to make it as convenient as possible for our clients to find time out of their packed lives to provide yourself some self-care. We provide free parking in our plaza, and a convenient spot. We do retain flexible hours during the evenings and on Sundays, with availability.

Since the moment customers step foot into our barbershop salon, our goal is to help them unplug out of the chaotic world outside. Before the appointment, we offer a quick consultation to discuss the customer’s expectations and priorities for the appointment. Customers are offered a relaxing mini-facial, hot towel wash, and scalp massage to start your appointment off comfortably.

Full Lounge and Spa Facilities Menu

We excel in far more than just haircuts as part of our mission of delivering a luxurious barbershop and salon experience for men. Here at 24k Beauty Bar we also perform personalized color and grey mixing, beard sculpting, waxing, massages and many more services to help you get the look and style you prefer. Regardless of your preferences in style, our amazing team is here to make you look and feel your best.

The 24k Beauty Bar Experience

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We cover every part of your grooming routine at 24k Beauty Bar. So you can look your best and do your best. Our expert beauticians know the finest style for you. Also, our professional barbers offer straight-razor old-school shaves. This helping to keep facial hair in place for the ideal and smoothest shave. Our facials will always keep your skin clean, new and rejuvenated. Our scalp treatments will keep your scalp safe and primed to combat hair loss and thinning hair.

In addition, the 24k Beauty Bar team ensures we give the energy, attention, and courtesy they deserve to anybody who steps through our doors. Unwind in our salon with fresh-cut, shave, manicure, and proper grooming. Here at the best barbershop treatment at a salon, East Orlando, our shop is open 7 days a week. We make sure that even on Sundays, your grooming needs are a priority for us.

Need a new look or a little self-care? Contact 24k Beauty Bar today to schedule your appointment! 24k Beauty Bar of Orlando is a full-service salon and spa. We offer the best barbershop treatment at a salon, East Orlando. We are located right in East Orlando at 12014 East Colonial Drive #160 Orlando, FL 32826. For more questions about our services give us a call at 407-237-9648.