Choosing The Right Color or Highlights

Choosing the right color or highlights can be tough. Deciding to even highlight or color your hair is a big step. But we all know how great it feels sitting in that salon with the stylist putting the cold dye all over your hair uncovering the new person you never knew you had inside. This makes you feel flustered and a little bit confused.

Will it look good on me?

Well, a lot of people ask this question and then just jump right into picking a random hair color. Instead of just picking a random color, determining your skin tone first can help you decide on colors that could look best on you. Sometimes it can be best working with what nature gave you. To determine your skin tone, it might be best to go to a skin tone specialist like your hairstylists and colorists. It can be hard to determine your right skin tone on your own. When it really comes down to it, Skin tone has some very interesting science behind it.

Hemoglobin, Melanin, and Carotene Oh My!

When determining someone’s skin shade, there are three main chemicals. These chemicals include Hemoglobin, which is red; Melanin, this can be used for either blue-brown or red-yellow and carotene, which is yellow-orange. How these chemicals are combined is based on DNA. Your DNA is what gives you your unique skin tone. The Melanin within your hair helps decide if your hair has warm or cooler tones based on the specific amount of Melanin. Hemoglobin and Carotene help to decide if you are dark-cool or light-cool, or light warm or dark warm tones.

• Warm skin tones have yellow undertones with an orange-brown Melanin dominant.
• Cold skin tones have blue undertones and the Melanin dominant is blue- brown.

These chemicals determine your hair color. So, to help you determine your skin tone looking at your natural hair color might be able to point you in the right direction of finding what’s best for your look. Holding up different fabrics up against your skin of different hues might also be able to help you determine your skin tone. But most people just use natural indicators like eye color or hair color to determine what will fit best.

Are highlights better than dying your full head?

The most popular color hair services are all over hair color and highlight color. If you’re really going for a more lively bold look both of these options are great to choose. It all depends on the style or new style you are going for. But what can you do when deciding which to choose? Here are a few pointers to help you make up your mind. Highlights might be a good choice if you have a little bit of grey hair you would like to fade away, highlights can also be good if you would like to add more dimension to your hair. This can also look good if you have a UN-layered haircut. Another way highlights can be good and helpful is if you would like to add more attention to your face.

Big chunky highlights could help. If you are wanting to go a few shades lighter or darker then your original hair color, doing an all-over process might be best for you. In this process, you will not be only covering individual pieces of hair but your full head of hair. This will give you new one-dimensional tones that can be as dramatic or subtle as you please. An all-over hair color process can also compliment a new trendy haircut with added highlights over top helping you shine the way you desired.

Dark Hair

Having Dark Jet-Black hair can be so difficult to deal with especially if you have a dream of having the perfect highlights. But highlights are sadly reserved for natural brunettes and blonds. Nope! If that’s what you think sorry, but you are mistaken. When you want to add depth or a perky flare without having to dye your entire head, Highlights might be the best decision for you. looking for natural-looking highlighted hair or bright pops of color, there are multiple options to choose from. Even when having black or dark brown hair. But keep in mind that adding highlights to your black hair can be a very dramatic change and might be best to get done by a professional so you can have the top results you want.

Highlights should bring out your natural Beauty

Looking all-natural for some people is very important for them. So, it is, of course, best that you know what highlights would look and be the most natural for you. A way to help you find the best natural color for you is simply by looking at your hair under a light. Examining your hair under the light will help you see hints of other colors in your hair naturally if you angle the light in different ways. Choosing colors that match or complement these hints of color will bring out your hair’s natural beauty.

Help bring out the different shades of your natural hair.

Overall highlights are just simply pieces of your hair that are lighter than the color or natural color you already have. So, for example, if you have brown hair, a lighter brown or even blond color might be the best highlights to choose from. If you already have blonde hair a lighter shade of blonde might fit best for that natural look.


Highlights have many types of techniques to get you the desired look you want. Highlights are hand-painted and are created by weaving in and out small sections of the hair and then colored. These sections of hair can be wrapped inside foil or hand separated to process. If you want a natural effect your colorist will paint the midsections to the edge of your hair.