Hair Salon For Men: Psychology Of Men’s Grooming

Feeling a bit like a caveman? You are not alone. With all this time having the salons and barbershops closed. We are all looking a bit crazy, don’t you think? Unless you take up to shaving your head, you might start feeling a bit under the weather or maybe you feel unmotivated. Yes, when groomed your hair does affect the way you feel and reflect who you are and your personality. It is even possible that you might start to feel less than, Start feeling good about yourself again now!

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Researchers have long analyzed the connections between personality and health. According to reporting from the American Psychological Association, assessing the personalities of young adults during routine exams can make a big difference in their long-term healthcare. In fact, doctors find these data as useful as family history.

Researchers have identified the “Big Five” traits that help doctors understand their patients’ personalities. They are:

Hair has always been the primary indication of confidence for most men. When you consider that two-thirds of men see hair thinning by the age of thirty-five, and men’s hair restoration is a $1.5 billion industry, you began to understand how much confidence is contributed to a man’s hair.

But why? A lot of men look at their hair as being the main link between their youth and attractiveness. Researchers have studied how men with a full head of hair — even the ones who were not particularly otherwise attractive — go out of their way to bring more attention to their hair when meeting a new person. More full-haired men tended to be more calm, confident, and relaxed when dealing with other individuals. Having the feeling that they represent the standard for the” ideal man”. Proving this theory by asking the participants to physically describe their” ideal male” figure.

Researchers explained that men who were clean-cut with a full head of hair. We are unconsciously groomed and conditioned to think that a healthy man has a full head of hair. But how does this psychologically affect the way men feel in their hair? Perhaps a full head of hair reassures them of their healthy biological standing. Maybe the loss of hair reminds men of their mortal vulnerability. Even men with gray hair prefer the color change over balding.

Commonly Asked Questions

What sorts of messages does be clean-shaven send, and why?

A: Youthfulness (for the same reason that beards project age and maturity)

A study from 1991 had 48 people (both male and female) rate 16 faces with various stages of hair loss and facial hair. Clean-shaved faces were looked at as more favorably, more attractive, and more sociable.

It’s possible that the “sociable” finding is related to the “aggressiveness” finding with beards:  having a beard means you’re more dominant and aggressive (less friendly or social) and being clean-shaven means you’re less aggressive and more social.

 Does facial hair affect how people perceive men?

A: Yes.

Studies of facial hair and perceptions of men’s attractiveness, health, masculinity, and parenting abilities, researchers started asking both men and women to rate photographs of a man with multiple stages of facial hair). These studies found:

  1. When comparing clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, and full beard, both men and women tended to view compared to the others – women especially saw light stubble as the least attractive.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, both men and women’s ratings of masculinity increased as facial hair increased. More facial hair = more masculine.

Clean-shaven and full beards received higher ratings on perceived health, and light and heavy stubble received lower ratings on perceived health.

Does the type of job or setting influence how beards are perceived?

A: Yes! One study rated pictures of faces with multiple combinations of glasses, beards, and hairstyles. They found:

Those with beards were rated as “unconventional” and “good.”

The possible occupations were a physician, lawyer, professor, engineer, managing director, factory worker, artist, pastor, colonel, politician, diplomat, psychologist, farmer, salesman, and bank clerk.

The results tell us something about where beards tend to be acceptable.

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