Your New Hair Salon in East Orlando

Who we are! Meet the Best Hair Salon in East Orlando!

Are you Looking for a new you? Do you need a day alone just for yourself to be stress-free? Well, how about we start off with a new hairstyle! 24K Beauty Bar is one of the best-known hair studios in East Orlando. We are known for our amazing talents! We not only make your hair fabulous but also have designers that specialize in the art of nail design!  So, come on in and we can show you a new and fabulous you!


Our stylist experts are always at the top of their game providing you with everything you need for your new look! These stylists are trained with years of experience. We really know how to tend to all your hair care needs! From haircuts to extensions, our professionals make sure you walk out of our salon feeling fresh, beautiful and confident.  Our stylists are not only there for the ladies either. Men are also welcomed in and taken great care of. We make it our duty to provide you with top quality hair care and put all our focus on you! After all, doesn’t it feel great to be in the spotlight? Giving you the best possible experience is what we strive for and is the reason we all love to do what we do!


So what services are we able to provide you? Here at 24K Beauty Bar, we provide everything from cuts to extensions and from color to hair treatments. We also don’t just focus on hair, but we provide lash extensions and lifts. Our specialists are highly trained and perfected in the fields of eyebrows and nail design.  So, no matter what style or design you decide to choose, we make sure you get the best quality experience possible. We got you covered!

When you go into a salon you expect to be pampered right? I mean that’s the point of going to a salon! So, our experts can provide you with treatments such as deep conditioning, Olaplex treatments, and blow-dry services.  Want an even more relaxing experience? We can also do a deep scalp massage while shampooing your hair! Our men’s services also include a wonderful scalp and shampoo treatment.


Creating a nice and comfortable atmosphere for you is very important to us. Here at 24K Beauty Bar, we like giving a nice clean and safe environment for you to be your full organic self! We don’t like to disappoint. In any case, our specialists are honest and make sure to pay attention to every detail of your needs. Whether it be on your hair care or if you need to get something off your chest. Not only do we like to provide you with a great environment on the inside of our salon but also on the outside too. We are known as the best hair salon in the Waterford Lakes area. Waterford Lakes is Filled with plenty of shopping and restaurants, you can celebrate and show off your new hairstyle to all your friends and family.