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Save your feet with the Top Pedicure Service for Men Near East Orlando. Do men get pedicures? We’re a little surprised by how many times this question has been asked.  Of course, people get pedicures — but not enough of them. Self-caring ones have their next appointment set, so they know the long list of health and therapeutic advantages of a Top Pedicure Service for Men near you. Pedicures aren’t about having a splash of stylish colors on your toes — but you can do that if you want to. It’s about having healthy feet, which is a place that most of us will benefit.

Think about how often your feet are tired, dirty, rough, scaly, and smelly, or how often your toenails are either overgrown or over-clipped. If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you’re tenfold in agreement with the feeling. Let’s look at all the benefits of a Top Pedicure Service for Men near you.

Why Do You Need To Get A Pedicure?

It’s officially sandal season. Your feet have spent a long winter crammed into thick wool socks and heavy boots and now they’re going to be visible. “Out of sight, out of mind,” right? Okay, but you don’t want to send small children (or anyone else) running at the sight of your discolored toenails. Every single one of us can have a pedicure daily, and I’m not just saying it because I genuinely enjoy them.

The standard foot care is critical for your overall health, according to podiatrist Charlton Woodly, DPM. “Most illnesses manifest in the feet,” he says. “When you don’t take care of your feet and you lose the ability to walk painlessly, this will hamper your life. Such illnesses vary from discomfort to life-threatening. Fungal infection, for example, may cause the toenails to discolor or even fall off. Ingrown toenails can lead to bacterial infection or painful open lesions.

The athlete’s foot can contribute to scratching, blisters, and discomfort. Many individuals may also develop harmful skin cancers such as melanoma and basal cell carcinoma (which can be fatal if left untreated). That is why regular foot care is very important in men. It can help prevent and control foot-related health issues and keep your feet looking sandal-ready in the process. Here’s how,

Improves Foot Health

Dirty feet are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. One way to get rid of all the dirt trapped beneath the toenails is to get a pedicure. Throughout the process, the feet should also be exfoliated to avoid dead skin that might cause serious problems.

You will also get extra anti-bacterial protection by applying essential oils to the foot soak. This helps release stress. You deserve to get a pedicure! If you’ve never had one, it’s time for you to lose yourself in the magic of a pedicure. You’re going to be confident and content. Even, if your work limits your free time, then pedicure is a gift to you. Don’t abstain from this.

All men will understand that fatigue is the greatest threat, and considering your busy lives, it’s not a bad thing to take an hour out of your everyday life for a pedicure routine. After all, resting and relaxing while a pedicure professional massages your feet can be heaven. This would also serve to relax and keep your mind off the things you’ve been grappling with all day. Alas, another excuse to go for a pedicure!

Removes Foot Odor

No one wants a stinky foot! Pedicures are the perfect way to extract dead tissue, dirt, and bacteria from the feet completely. It makes more sense in the rainy season where the legs require additional treatment and defense. Your feet do need to be exfoliated to eliminate the bacterial contamination, something you can’t get rid of with regular washes and can only be done with a pedicure. Remember, only one pedicure won’t wash away the unpleasant feeling from your feet, you ought to make it a monthly ritual.

Prevents Ingrown Toenails

Men don’t pay much mind when you clip your toenails. It will lead to nails being cut too short or tiny pieces left at the edges-both of which lead to ingrown toenails. A Top Pedicure Service for Men near East Orlando should ensure that the nails are taken care of and trimmed to the correct length. When a calf or foot massage is helped by a pedicure, it also increases blood supply in the area and decreases discomfort, if any!

Makes You Look Good

Let’s face it, women are drawn to men who are proud of how they feel and how they look. There’s no need to go over-the-top, but clipped, polished and buffed nails are a way to go and a perfect attribute to any man. If you’ve already gotten a pedicure done, you’ll understand what we’re talking about, and a good way to remedy your situation is to go and get one done.

Women notice your hands and feet, and there’s nothing better than a hygienic man. They’re still madly irritated that men are superficial groomers, and on top of that, if a guy is an incredibly poor groomer, he’s a bigger turn-off. And, if you haven’t done it yet, go ahead. Have it done, man! The kinds of pedicures vary but every pedicure should include exfoliation and a massage. You can always choose from the range of pedicures that the salons have to offer. You can start with the basic ones, so go, hurry!​

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Do you shave, shower, and get a haircut? So, what’s wrong with having a pedicure done? Self-grooming is a way of telling you to love yourself. It’s well past even going to the gym if self-love is the approach you want. It’s time for you to pay attention to your feet as well! Contact 24k Beauty Bar today to schedule your appointment! 24k Beauty Bar of Orlando is a full-service salon and spa. We offer the best barbershop treatment at a salon in East Orlando. We are located right in East Orlando at 12014 East Colonial Drive #160 Orlando, FL 32826. For more questions about our services give us a call at 407-237-9648.